pics smoother
pics smoother
pics smoother
pics smoother
pics smoother
pics smoother
Pics Smoother September 29, 2010 (Free App)
Have you ever had an experience of photograph shot with a small lens, as commonly used by cellular phone, turned out be grainy because of low-light?

"Pics Smoother" improves the appearance of the grainy photographs as much as possible.This application can also make your skin looks smooth as silk in a photograph.Smoothness can be adjusted in seven levels.You can also adjust the brightness of the photograph.

You may pick up the photograph and see it in detail by zooming into it. Find out an effect of this application by seeing the photograph in detail with zoom function.Then, adjust brightness and clarity of the photograph as you like and save it in crystal clear condition.

It is free. Please feel free to try this application.

This application is recommended especially for iPod Touch 4G users.
You may view grainy photographs shot in the past in crystal clear condition with this application.

Please setup the smoothness with a slider on right
and brightness + smoothness with a slider on left.

You may adjust the value of smoothness by "Settings" icon.
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