Princess Camera
Princess Camera
Princess Camera
Princess Camera
Princess Camera
Princess Camera
Princess Camera October 1, 2010 ($2.99)
概要 プリンセスカメラ iphone アプリ 機能の紹介 プリンセスカメラ iphone アプリ こんな時にも大活躍 プリンセスカメラ iphone アプリ サンプル Q&A プリンセスカメラ iphone アプリ
■Spice up your everyday photos
Dazzling photos, fun to decorate.
Save your memory also dazzling, and fun.

■Take a great group shot
Self timer mode is perfect for a group shot.
The timer is for 5 seconds or 10 seconds.

■Make your blog photos eye-catching
Princess Camera enhances photos of food and objects too.
Indoor shot of your pet also becomes brighter.
Tools to add balloons and captions are at your fingertips.

■Draw a map
Draw a map of a meeting spot, or simply capture the map and mark on it.
Show your friends how to get to the shop you recommend.

■Make your original stamps or signature
You wanna share your photos or other works with everyone?
Make custom stamps to sign your signature on them.

> See how to make a custom stamp

■Make an instant camera-ish photo
Take a photo and apply an instant camera-ish photo frame.
And of course you can add messages and stamps to it.
It looks simple, but look closer! It's got cute frills!

★Princess Camera contains full of amazing features.
Once you purchase it, you can download the upgrade version for free anytime in the future.

princess camera
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Stars Full Camera
Ultra High Sensitivity App. Astro Photography.
DSLR Lens Kit
RAW files and Dual-lens supported
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Super Video Cam
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super high sensitivity!
photos in layout templates and print them out
Princess Camera
Brighten your photo,
decorate it up!
Fisheye Lens Kit
Taking a fisheye photo
with 7 kinds of filters.
Pics Smoother
This improves grainy pictures.
Fireworks Bulb Cam
You can easily shoot gorgeous fireworks photo
play music while shoot video. Best for dance vid. For Free.
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